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I am a 49 year old Dominant of my submissive wife. We have been married 26 years, and in the lifestyle for 7. The BDSM lifestyle, and more specifically our Dominant/submissive dynamic is responsible for saving our marriage, which had been suffering as a result of "Nice Guy" syndrome. Exploring this lifestyle is how I found my way to Red Pill truth, and ultimately here to the Fraternity of Excellence. I spent most of my life suppressed and emasculated, in a dead bed marriage. My life is the perfect example of what it is to be mired in depression, anxiety, sexual and drug addition, video game addiction etc. As a result, I have come close to implementing the "Final Solution" on more than one occasion. Never Again! I am here today because FUCK death. I am here this week because FUCK addiction. I am here this year because FUCK depression and emasculation and fear. I am here because fuck ALL that shit, and if you want to get in my way then FUCK you too! No More. Im done with that shit. I am in the Fraternity because brotherhood is important, and has become rare today outside of elite groups and the Military. I am here to walk side by side with men of excellence, and help forge something greater than ourselves, together as a team. I value the camaraderie and wish to be surrounded by men of substance, rather than a bunch of weak sauce slugs.