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We have video chats available nearly every day of the week that cover the entire spectrum of what it is to be a man of excellence.
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You have a band of brothers by your side to encourage you and hold you accountable to taking the right actions. This makes living an excellent life simple and satisfying.

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As a member of FoE you’ll have access to our members-only chat forum. You can engage with your brothers in real time 24/7 from your computer or smart device.

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As a member of this brotherhood you’ll be given exclusive access to resources created specifically for unleashing your masculinity on the world.
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FoE Team Challenges
Every brother is assigned to a team that will serve as your inner circle within our brotherhood that is hundreds of men strong. Your team will take part in challenges and assignments designed to strengthen your spirit and refine your character as a man.
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FoE Live Events
You’ll have the option to join our weekly video chats where we break the electronic realm further & forge those bonds. If you miss one, no problem as they’re available for replay so you can watch them at your convenience.


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You aren’t locked into this fraternity when you join.
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Had it not been for the support of the brothers in the Fraternity of Excellence, I wouldn’t be the man, husband, and father that I am today.”

“This is exactly what you need in order to become a better man.”

The Fraternity of Excellence is an online community for men who are committed to exhibiting masculine excellence in all that it is to be a man. Get direct access to subject matter experts in fitness, faith, sex, marriage, parenting, finance, investing, community leadership, business, and more.
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Act Now To Immediately Level Up Your Life


We know you see it as clearly as we do. In fact, the discontentment in your spirit is likely why you’ve landed on this page.

Something is going on.

Something destructive is happening to men.

Something is snuffing out the flame which used to burn hot in the masculine soul.

You’re here because you feel it; something is off in our society.

Men today are overworked and hyper-stressed. They’re filled with anxiety and are living to please others, lacking any semblance of an authentic identity.

Men are trying to be who they think others will approve of and no longer expressing who they truly are.

Men have forgotten how to be men because they’re being told to repress their masculinity instead of expressing it.

Our fellow men are lacking in purpose…in brotherhood…in passion for life.

The fire that once burned hot has cooled, which has been detrimental to the development and growth of their mind, body, and spirit.

Unfortunately, this is also terrible news for future generations.

Why? Because fathers are stagnating too. They’re no longer chasing glory and excellence in life, and they’re teaching their sons to be subdued in the same way.

People follow your example, not your advice.


  • Marriages have lost their romance and intimacy.
  • Men have lost respect from their women, children, their peers, and themselves.
  • Lives have lost purpose and passion.
What’s the cause of all of this?


The tribe which once had men keeping each other in check…
The tribe whose members challenged each other to strive and reach greater heights…
The tribe which acted as a brotherhood…
It has been stripped away from us.
Men no longer have communities of like-minded, driven men in which they can discuss marriage issues, divorce issues, health issues, how to reclaim a healthy sex life, how to strengthen the masculine trident of mind, body and spirit…

They’ve been stripped of their brotherhood, destroying their masculine sense of self and creating a massive void in their spirits.

“We want to see men win and become better.
That’s what we’re here for.


You’ve done that and it’s done nothing for you except turn you into a well-read individual.

The issue with these resources, while helpful, is that the brotherhood aspect of masculinity is still non-existent in your life.

This is the critical void that the Fraternity of Excellence fills.

This is where our brotherhood can help you!

We focus on action & tangible results:

  • You aren’t going to join, receive a bunch of information and be told to figure it all out alone.
  • You are going to get access to strong accountability with other driven men who genuinely want to see you succeed.
  • You are part of a male-only environment where you can act like a real man without being criticized.

The Fraternity of Excellence isn’t some course charging you for access to some generic materials and then sending you on your way to figure everything out without follow-up or personal accountability to make sure you succeed.

It’s a true brotherhood where we get together multiple times during the week and speak to each other face-to-face on video chats about what each of us are working towards as men and individuals.

In this Fraternity there is 24/7 chat communication between our brothers… On and off the internet.

We have numerous local meetups and brotherhood events throughout the year. We are forging strong, lifelong masculine bonds that extend beyond engaging on a screen over the internet.

We have men regularly calling each other and planning face-to-face meetups.

The Fraternity of Excellence transcends the electronic barrier.


You aren’t signing up to sit around “researching”.
That’s a hard negative. There is work to be done, and the men inside FoE are there to ensure that you do that work. The expectation is that you’ll do the same for them. We join together in weekly assignments and hold group calls to ensure everyone is keeping pace and any issues can be immediately addressed. We’re marching side-by-side in this. The man to your left and your right are there to lift you up if you fall and you will be there when they need you. That’s what men do. Yes, you have to do the work. No question. But every man inside is there to help.


Nothing is off limits within the walls of FoE. No topic is too taboo.

The rest of the world may tell you that being aggressive, desiring greater frequency in sex, or wanting more from life is a “bad thing.”

But not us.

Inside the Fraternity, we support men being men.

We encourage it.

For those who’ve never had a mentor, a father figure, or currently do not have a network of driven men to bounce ideas off… we’re here for you.

On the flipside, we’re not just a bunch of boys who get together and talk about our feelings for the sake of it. We don’t discuss our problems, we identify them and work together towards a solution, breaking the loop of redundancy without progress.

If you join our community, you’re committing to masculine personal development. We will help you reclaim that aspect of who you are as a man.


We don’t want men who aren’t committed. If you don’t want to be part of the brotherhood, we have no interest in keeping you with us.

In fact, we’ve told the men inside FoE since day one that if they aren’t going to do the work, they should just get out. We don’t want their money, or yours.

We want men who are willing to work diligently at living out their masculine potential.

This place is for men who are tired of feeling discontented, knowing they want more from life.

It’s a fraternity for men who want to be a part of a tribe that will raise the standard of every aspect of their life.

It’s a fraternity for men who want to own this life and make it what they want from it. To be authentic—no longer trying to be the guy that they think other people will like.

You aren’t locked into this fraternity when you join. In fact, you can cancel anytime with the click of a mouse.

The reason our brotherhood continues to grow, and the reason men continue to sign up for the annual membership option, is because they see the benefits of belonging to this community.

Now it’s up to you… To take action, join us inside, and experience the power that’s unleashed when driven men come together.

We’ve made our choice…

The men we’ve been marching forward with since the beginning of 2018 have made theirs…

Now, what are YOU going to do?


Every man inside the Fraternity of Excellence is a man who has answered the call of authentic masculinity.
He’s a man who has become a better brother, son, father, husband, and man.
He’s decided to express his true self… no longer repressing that authentically masculine flame.
His soul shines as he’s destroyed the black clouds which used to fester inside his soul.
Anxiety and stress have been replaced with confidence and competence; a lack of identity has been replaced by a clear mission forward.
These men lead their marriages back to a place where lust, passion, and respect are alive and well. They lead their family and friends with strength, energy, vigor and excellence.
When you join, you’ll find lifelong friends, a renewed passion for life, and a network that is more diverse in its strengths and knowledge than anywhere else on the internet.
We build relationships and strive toward the common mission of authentic masculinity on multiple fronts:

  • We have a 24/7 chat forum
  • Video chats available nearly every day of the week
  • An exclusive Fraternity blog
  • Challenges to ensure we’re always developing ourselves as man
  • And much more…
“I once teetered on living a miserable existence, divorced with zero understanding that I had created everything wrong with my life. But since becoming a member of the Fraternity of Excellence my confidence is unshakable and my life is on solid ground. I can’t thank Zac, Anthony, or anyone involved in the FoE enough. I will forever be in their debt.”
FoE Brother